Why Five Pilots?

Read below to discover five reasons why Five Pilots is the best marketing nurturing program for MSPs.

#1: Content
“I know Cloud like the back of my hand.”
  • Developed by the TPM team, whose expertise is on understanding, disseminating and marketing complex Cloud and channel topics to your buyers
  • Introduce prospects to the benefits of your services with Cloud lessons filled with thought-provoking IT wisdom, then ramp it up with advanced think-pieces that help prospects navigate complex decisions
  • 22 fascinating Cloud stories and 9 downloadable eGuides with more compelling Cloud content monthly. Cloud topics include:

DIY vs. Managed Cloud

The Politics of Cloud

AWS (and the Public Cloud)

Cloud SLAs

Hybrid Cloud – Is Everything “Hybrid”?

and many more…

#2: Customization
“It's all about you. Your brand. Your content.”
  • Your contacts want to know that you are paying attention to their unique and specific Cloud needs and able to help them into the future
  • Your contacts receive nurtured emails, where everything looks like it came from your brand, positioning you as the Cloud expert
  • Every piece of Premium Content includes multiple opportunities for conversion – Calls To Action (CTA) buttons help move your prospects down their buyer journey

Premium Content Customization Options:


  • Every piece of Premium Content includes the “About Us” CTA button.
  • Content Download CTAs can be branded.
  • You can provide Special Offer CTAs for your unique services. We’ll create the CTA banner and intersperse them for you.
  • For the Pro and Enterprise versions, you will be entitled to custom content (e.g. eBook, white paper, infographic) that focuses on your solutions.

Pro Version:
1 piece of custom content

Enterprise Version:
3 pieces of custom content

#3: Automation
“Just kick back. We're on auto-pilot.”
  • A turnkey system for busy MSPs who lack the internal marketing support
  • Smart workflows to increase clicks and conversions
  • Marketing automation helps you increase leads by sending a well-timed “drip” of emails; keeping sales informed with up-to-the-minute data on incoming prospects and accounts; syncing data to individual prospect profiles; and more

Automation Options:

Email Delivery
Customization Options
Time your email delivery down to the hour, whether it be daily, weekly, every x number of days, or to ignore weekends.
Contact List Segmentation
Customization Options
Adjust by contact field (attribute), specific sales team member notifications, geography, industry, and more.
Triggered Events
Customization Options
Clicked CTA banners can trigger custom emails, links to Client properties, and more depending on your individual need.
#4: Metrics & Reporting
“I'm here to give you insight on engagement.”
  • Metrics are the pulse of marketing
  • Measure your marketing, personalize your communication and focus on what works
  • Regular reports on your prospects keep your finger on the pulse of your campaigns, eliminating guesswork and allowing you to effectively refine your tactics and strategies over time

Metrics & Reporting Options:

Five Pilots Lead Score (FPLS)
Targeted Reporting
Based on prospect interactions and activity (reads, opens, CTA clicks), receive a Prospect Lead Score that measures the quality of the prospect in the buying cycle.
Real Time Notifications
Targeted Reporting
A Custom Script Placement (for Pro/Enterprise) allows for custom notifications and triggers events when a prospect visits your pages.
Activity Reports
Targeted Reporting
Get weekly or monthly reports, including email campaign reports.
Landing Page Reports
Targeted Reporting
Get weekly or monthly reports that include views, downloads, traffic insights, leads and more.
#5: Leads
“Let me zero in on some of your contacts.”
  • What does it all mean? It’s about leads, leads, leads
  • It’s an exciting time to be a Cloud provider. You have an incredible opportunity to guide organizations through business transformation
  • Form a natural connection with your leads through regular, meaningful messaging and become their trusted source of Cloud knowledge. That way, when you do call, they’re happy to talk. That is, if they don’t call you first

Guide your contacts through their Buyer Journey in the Cloud

Awareness Consideration Decision


Leverage Five Pilots For Cloud Sales Acceleration

Are You Relevant to Me?
Provide key messages and content that touch on benefits or problem statements.
Tell Me More. Help Me Understand.
Use simple, natural stories, even when discussing technical concepts.
I Believe You. How Do I Continue?
Create the trust to allow your prospects to continue with attractive Calls To Action.

Cloud Leads Don’t Have to Be Elusive

Five Pilots want to help Cloud providers meet — and hit it off with — their ideal clients. Cutting edge marketing metrics, analytics, and reporting are the basis of everything we do. Think of our lead generation metrics as your runway to a successful journey in the Cloud.