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Billed Annually


+$300 per 1k extra
Onboarding Fee: $1000 (one-time)
Monthly Reporting



Billed Annually


+$200 per 1k extra
Onboarding Fee: $1500 (one-time)
Monthly Reporting



Billed Annually


+$100 per 1k extra
Onboarding Fee: $2000 (one-time)
Weekly Reporting

Content Delivery Bi-Weekly Bi-Weekly Weekly / Custom Workflow
List Segmentation No Up to 3 lists Up to 7 lists
Content Lessons (Fully Branded) 22 22 22
Automatically Receive New Content Lessons? Yes Yes Yes
Downloadable Lessons (Fully Branded) 0 9 9
Automatically Receive New Downloadable lessons? No Yes Yes
Triggered Events (Clicked CTA) No Yes Yes
Five Pilots Lead Scoring (FPLS) Yes Yes Yes
Real-Time Auto-Notifications Yes, one attribute Yes, 3 attributes Yes, 3 attributes
Client Website Script Placement None 2 pages 5 pages
Activity Report (Email Campaigns) Yes Yes Yes
Landing Page Performance Yes Yes Yes
Custom Content None 1 Premium Content Piece 3 Premium Content Pieces
Client-Sponsored Emails None 1 3
About Us CTA Banner Yes, up to 15 words Yes, up to 40 words Yes, up to 40 words
Short Summary CTA Yes, unbranded Yes, unbranded Yes, fully branded
Content Download CTA None Yes, unbranded Yes, fully branded
Special Offer CTA Banner None 1 3
Introducing Services CTA Banner None 1 3
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What is a contact?

A contact is a person with an email address. It would be somebody that you wish to nurture – send highly enjoyable content about various topics. It can be anybody from current customers, lost customers, prospects and leads from trade shows.

Is there a 12-month commitment?

Yes. Nurturing doesn’t happen overnight. For optimal results and to create awareness, it is best to nurture your contact over the long-term along the Cloud buyer journey.

What if another client has the same contact in their list?

The first MSP to ‘register’ the client wins. This means if MSP-A and MSP-B both have on their email list, we give the contact to whoever signs up first. If MSP-A signs up first, then when MSP-B signs up, we will remove the contact from MSP-B’s list. We’ll notify you if this happens.

Can I upgrade during my 12 months?

Yes, absolutely. You may not downgrade, however.

Do you change the content for different clients?

We modify all the branding in all content to match the client. However, we do not modify the content itself. The content is meant to be authoritative, objective, educational and often times, a fun and humorous read!

Do I need to pay for a year upfront?

Yes. Customers who are committed to nurturing through marketing automation will understand and can commit to a full year of using Five Pilots will be more successful Cloud solution providers in the long run. Bottom line: annual contracts make happier Five Pilots customers. And we want you to be happy.

Are there any separate email sending fees?

No, there are no other fees beyond what you pay for the monthly package.

How does the Free Trial work?

Over a period of 7 days, you will receive Premium Content from an MSP called TeleCo Cloud Systems Inc. You will experience what your contacts will experience – please click through and see what your contacts have in store for them!

What are the differences between Premium Content, Custom Content and Client-sponsored emails?

Premium Content pieces are the branded educational pieces that will nurture your contact on a wide-variety of Cloud Topics.

Custom Content pieces (available in the Pro and Enterprise packages) are custom-created content, such as an eBook or white paper that Five Pilots will create for you based on your company’s niche and solutions and will be included in your nurturing stream.

Client-Sponsored emails (available in the Pro and Enterprise packages) are custom-created emails that can be included in the nurturing stream and can inform your clients of special promotions, events or news or anything specific to your company.

Why is there an onboarding fee?

The onboarding fee not only includes the branding of all assets to your company colors and style, but also includes giving your stakeholders a walkthrough of the system, the reports and expectations of the program. For the Pro and Enterprise plan, we sit down with you to map out the Custom Content and work with your team to craft the email messages that are unique and specific to your company.