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CHAPTER 01: We’re Just Getting Started

1.1 Access Is the New Ownership

Thanks to the Cloud, any business can utilize automatically upgraded, access-from-anywhere services, without the burden of maintenance. The access model embraces our new, hyperconnected reality.

Reading Time: 7 min – 1432 words
1.2 What Is the Cloud? A Delicious Analogy to Help You Understand

Look beyond overburdened on-premise servers to the abundant resources of the Cloud. The on-demand capacity of the Cloud supports business growth in several irresistible ways.

Reading Time: 8 min – 1619 words
1.3 Help! The Cloud is Coming for Our Jobs!

The Cloud doesn’t eliminate the need for an IT department, it transforms the job descriptions. Get excited to evolve alongside disruptive business technologies.

Reading Time: 6 min – 1137 words
1.4 From Buzzword to Bottom Line: 7 Words for the Cloud

This Cloud glossary will help you “speak Cloud,” and see through the buzzwords to the real value of the services you’re considering.

Reading Time: 7 min – 1345 words
1.5 Is Migrating to the Cloud Too Painful?

Transitioning to the Cloud means data and applications can be accessed on-demand from anywhere. Companies who take advantage are saving money and simplifying business.

Reading Time: 7 min – 1298 words
1.6 Stop Duking It Out Over the Cloud. It's Time to Call a Truce.

To help your enterprise embrace Cloud, start a conversation about the risks and burdens you are currently shouldering with on-premise IT.

Reading Time: 8 min – 1604 words
1.7 Cloud Hosting Providers: What’s the Worst That Can Happen?

Understand your business goals to choose the Cloud model and services that can help you achieve them.

Reading Time: 8 min – 1679 words
1.8 The Need for Speed: How Servers and Hosts Impact Performance

Cloud hosting solutions give you faster access to server power and make it possible to add resources and capacity on the fly.

Reading Time: 8 min – 1771 words


CHAPTER 02: Keeping It Real

2.1 Sorry, I Like My Infrastructure Where I Can See It

Stop investing in expensive software and hardware, eliminate licensing fees, pay only for what you use, and let your Cloud provider do the hard labor.

Reading Time: 6 min – 1159 words
2.2 21st Century IT Guys and Gals: Employment of the Fittest

Learn why IT is more central to business strategy, and more essential to growth, than ever before.

Reading Time: 7 min – 1490 words
2.3 The 21st Century CIO: Serving Digital Transformation at the Executive Table

The CIO must take infrastructure, equipment, tools, people, and processes and transform them into a comprehensive business tech strategy that fuels productivity and growth.

Reading Time: 9 min – 1797 words
2.4 Sizing Up Cloud Hosting: How to Shop for a Provider

When you evaluate Cloud services against your primary needs and values, clear frontrunners will quickly emerge.

Reading Time: 9 min – 1847 words
2.5 How On-­Demand Scalability Can Light Up Your Business

More users, more bandwidth, more storage — what your infrastructure can handle today, it might not handle tomorrow. You must be scalable to stay competitive.

Reading Time: 9 min – 1797 words
2.6 What’s the ROI of the Cloud?

If tying Cloud spend to concrete business gains is challenging for your business, you might be stuck in this old IT paradigm.

Reading Time: 10 min – 2291 words
2.7 DIY vs Managed: What’s the True Cost of Being a Handyman?

Like Fido’s half-assembled dog house that’s starting to mold in the backyard, a self-managed Cloud can be more time- and resource-intensive than you expect.

Reading Time: 9 min – 2060 words


CHAPTER 03: Making It Work for Me

3.1 AWS & the Public Cloud: Cloudy With a Chance of Innovation

Learn why AWS is dominating the Cloud forecast, and why Public Cloud may be coming to your business sooner than you think.

Reading Time: 9 min – 2028 words
3.2 Managed Third-Party Clouds: An All-Inclusive Cloud Get-Away!

Joining Public Cloud with managed services is in the best interest of the enterprise, which needs a cost effective, all-of-the-above solution.

Reading Time: 8 min – 1773 words
3.3 Don’t Navigate the Public Cloud Labyrinth Without a Guide

Your organization needs Public Cloud, but you don’t have the years and budget it would take to develop an IT team with the right skill set. Unless there’s a shortcut…

Reading Time: 7 min – 1466 words
3.4 Should We Do Away with the Term “Hybrid” Cloud?

The word “hybrid” can apply to nearly every type of enterprise computing model, so what does it really mean?

Reading Time: 7 min – 1519 words
3.5 Cloud SLA: The Bodyguard Your Digital Business Is Waiting For

Use these 5 pro tips to secure a Cloud SLA that will keep your network, storage, hosting, performance, and more predictable and secure.

Reading Time: 10 min – 2247 words
3.6 Rightsizing Through Cloud Performance Testing

Price does not equal performance. Use performance testing to ensure you get the services you need to thrive.

Reading Time: 8 min – 1725 words
3.7 Let Your Workloads Guide Your Cloud Strategy

If you’re moving to the Cloud and want a future-proof solution, start with a thorough examination of your workloads.

Reading Time: 10 min – 2139 words

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