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Our free trial demonstrates what your contacts will experience when you sign up for Five Pilots. We want you to see firsthand how Five Pilot’s educational Cloud content can hook your leads and influence IT decision-makers — right from the inbox.

Experience Five Pilots from the Inbox Out

See things from a customer POV
During the trial period, you get to step into your prospects’ shoes. We will send you 5 Trial Lessons and 1 Premium Download that simulate what your contact list will receive in their inboxes.
Get premium Cloud content from your MSP “stunt double”
Email content will be sent to you from a fake managed IT provider, TeleCo Cloud Systems. We created this fictional MSP “stunt double” to make the trial experience as authentic as possible. Imagine that this content was coming from your company instead of TeleCo — with your name, branding, contact, and links to your website.
Watch emails become interactions
With Five Pilots, every email is an opportunity to learn more about your leads and prospects. See for yourself how each piece of content could drive an IT decision-maker or business owner to take the next step.

7 Days of Premium Content

Don’t like surprises? Here’s exactly what you can expect during your free trial week:

  • At Sign-Up: We’ll send a confirmation email from Five Pilots right away.
  • Day 1: Trial Lesson 1: “Access Is the New Ownership”
  • Day 2: Trial Lesson 2: “Stop Duking It Out Over the Cloud. It’s Time to Call a Truce.”
  • Day 3: Trial Lesson 3: “The 21st Century CIO: Serving Digital Transformation at the Executive Table”
  • Day 4: We’ll check in and give you easy access to the first three trial lessons in case you missed a day.
  • Day 5: Trial Lesson 4: “Don’t Navigate the Public Cloud Labyrinth Without a Guide”
  • Day 6: Trial Lesson 5: “Should We Do Away With the Term “Hybrid” Cloud?”
  • Day 7: Premium download!: “How Competitive Enterprises Use AWS, Azure, and Google”

Plus, we’ll link you to all five trial lessons so you can review them again, and let you know how to take the next step with Five Pilots.

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