Your Co-Pilots in Cloud Marketing

Five Pilots was created by a team from Total Product Marketing, the leading Cloud and Hosting marketing agency. We recognized a need for a streamlined, cost-effective lead nurturing solution for MSPs—and set out to deliver it.

We combine a keen understanding of your business with deep expertise in Inbound Marketing. We realize that busy MSPs do not always have internal marketing resources at their command; That’s why we’ve dedicated our expertise to marketing complex Cloud and channel topics to your buyers.

It is an exciting time to partner with Cloud providers as they guide organizations through business transformation. Our passion for Cloud—and dedication to crafting the best MSP marketing tool available—shows in everything we do.


Meet Your Aircrew

Our Inbound Marketing, lead generation, and analytics specialists are here to help you accelerate Cloud sales.

Dean Ara
Dean has an MBA and 17 years of technology marketing experience under his belt. He is a sought-after speaker and consultant in the Cloud and hosting channel for his expertise in brand positioning and Inbound Marketing. As our Captain in the cockpit, he ensures that every interaction with your leads instills trust in your brand, and brings them nearer to conversion.
Makiko Ara
Director, Marketing Automation
Makiko brings extensive web and design experience to the Five Pilots team, making sure every email and piece of content is effective and compelling. A Certified Hubspot Professional, she optimizes each campaign and workflow for maximum lead conversion. She orchestrates powerful digital experiences for your leads—so you don’t have to.
Alisha Adams
Director, Cloud Content Strategy
Alisha is a skilled writer and experienced B2B content strategist for the Cloud and technology sector. Her passion for storytelling and creative writing background makes her Cloud content stand out and resonate with buyers. She ensures every email and piece of content is crafted to connect and compel.
Julie Clarke-Bush
Director, Client Onboarding
Julie is a Hubspot Certified Marketing Automation Specialist who helps businesses grow with Inbound Marketing. Through her onboarding process, she ensures clients understand lead nurturing best practices and are able to see tremendous results from Five Pilots. She helps MSPs identify marketing goals and make a smooth transition to their new automation platform.
Jess Rodley
Project Manager
Like a seasoned flight engineer, Jess coordinates our team and ensures we are working effectively and efficiently to produce exceptional content for our clients. No detail escapes her attention as she oversees the quality and outcomes of all aspects of Five Pilots.

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